– 296 – No, you smile!

“Come on, little lady, give us a smile”
– Halsey, Nightmare

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More beach scenes. Those who know me - know I'm not the biggest fan of summer - but it's hard to not be wit hall these fabulous items available in SL.

From delicious icecream sets from insurekktion - to campfire tents and loungers from Astralia and Backbone.... Don't forget the floaties as well -you can find these at violetility and short leash.

I am also slightly obsessed with this hair from yomi - I've been wanting to blog it for an age as I love the style - and of course this new release from vinyl is bloody gorge - you can choose a different opacity if you don't want the lace to clear. 

Clover has done a lovely pact necklace where you can add your pacts to it - How clever is that?

Have you got any of these items inworld? Do you have a favourite?  

Don't forget to follow my page, flickr and join me over on facebook and instagram. Let me know what you think of these items down in the comments! ♥♥
Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses –

Pose – Lyrium – Astrid (static 2 v2) – hands and head modified with props and facial expressions

Phone and flipflops – hive – vacation vibes

– Setting the Scene –

Skybox – Landscapes Unlimited – The mirror box

Shack – Kraftwork – Matcha beach shack

Wall & cactus – Monkey Girl (Currently at The Liaison Collaborative July 18th – August 10th) – Cactus A3

Tent and campfire – Astralia – Summer love campfire

Lounger and side table – Backbone (Currently at Access July 12th – August 8th) – Lazy Dayz

Fruit pillows – Backbone – Fruit cushion (pineapple & pink strawberry)

Campervan – Dust Bunny – Waterfront camper

Shower – Astralia – Surf beach shower

Cock floatie – Short Leash – Pervy pool float

Planchette floatie – Violetility – Planchette floatie

Inflatable flamingo – Astralia – Skully flamenco

Shell rug – Fluffy Stuff – Shell rug

Fluffy whale – Fluffy Stuff – Fluffy whale

Bag and clutter– Dust Bunny – Gracie living room – bag clutter

Lanterns – What Next – Malia lantern

Funky drinks – What Next – Summer drinks

Icecream clutter – InsurreKtion – Summer is coming

Radio – things&stuffs – pastel radio cassette (no longer inworld)

Piggy plate – Krescendo – Piggy plate – happy

Palm tree – Studio Skye – Skye triple palm

Sand – Studio Skye – Skye tropical beach

Grass – Little Branch – Wild grass (dry)

Dandelion seeds – Love – Dandelion dreams seeds

– Outfit –

Dress – Vinyl (Currently at N21 July 21st – August 12th) – With the girls lace dress

-Body & Accessories-

Glasses – Miura (Currently at The Liaison Collaborative July 18th – August 10th) – Wasp icon eyewear

Necklace – Clover – Pact amulet

Watch – Vibing – Nova macy rosegold watch

Bracelet – Rainbow Sundae – Callie bracelet stack

Piercings – Little Fish – Blake

Rings – Rawr ( (Part of Saturday Sale – 23rd July) – Xoxo rings

Hair – Yomi – Andromeda Hair

Elf Ear Extensions – Swallow – Earrings pixie gauged SO2

Ears – Swallow – Pixie gauged S ears

Nails  Rawr (Part of 60L Happy Weekend – 23rd July – 24th July) – Xoxo nails

Eye pearls – Shiny Stuffs (Currently at The Liaison Collaborative July 18th – August 10th) – Pearls of wisdom

Lipstick – Shiny Stuffs (Currently at The Liaison Collaborative July 18th – August 10th) – Peace love & gloss

Tattoo – Lilithe – Selene tattoos {BOM}

Skin for head – Deetalez – Misaki (Tone – Eastern) {BOM}

Skin for body – Deetalez – Skin for legacy (Tone – Eastern) {BOM}

Freckles on body – Deetalez – Body addon – Freckles {BOM}

Cheekbones – Deetalez – Addons pack for Misaki {BOM}

Freckles – Deetalez – Addons pack for Salma {BOM}

Veins, Cellulite and Stretchmarks – Izzie’s – Body Imperfections {BOM}

Lashes – Shiny Stuffs – All dolled up lashes

Eyes – Euphoric – Alice eyes

Head – Lelutka – Ora head

Shine – Bold & Beauty – Base oil

Body – Legacy – Legacy female

– Mods & Deformers –

 Pretty Liars – Essential deformers (legacy) – Belly flat (L3), Boobs push up more (L1), Hips down (L3)

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