-295- Pretty Prickly Pickle

“Either you love pickles or you’re wrong.”

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

I didn't have the cravings like most when I was pregnant - apart from McDonald's fries! However I know pickles are the go to for most. These pickles from backbone are brilliant - when you click them they make funny little giggles. The jar from Chris Two Designs is so funny. You can open it up and the pickles scream as you grab one - you're also able to share with your friends!!!

The outfit from Candy Kitten is so cute - you can change the text along the belts to Love, Hate, Sexy, babydoll, Bitch and can have it plain in either black, white or rainbow.

The camera by sweet thing has had to much detail added to it, you click it, a flash turns on and a polaroid pops out! Along with the intricate spooky designs.

Feeling Saucy with the Junk Food Hot Sauces? you can either have a holdable or rezzable where both are completely modifiable. They are sure to keep you on fiiiire!!! Or you can always show of your prickly manner with the Lagom Happy little cacti fully modifiable to make them as biiiiiiiiiiiiig as your parcel will allow! (or the mesh - whatever breaks first)

Don't forget to your hat - with ananas Birdy head that comes in 6 styles! Of course I had to choose the penguin!

The Littlefish Jewellery "Desire" is so intricate. You have a choice of gem or plain and like all LF designs you can hide, select and customise to your hearts content. The same can be said with the Rawr rings "happiness" where you can hide, or show - they are also rigged for Erika - and what are rawr rings without the rawr nails to go with them! 

Don't forget your familiars!!!! I have added the gorgeous chonko chonkzilla from Hextraordinary and finally the creepy cuddle creepers from Jian. They're so spooky they're cute!!!

Get your skates on with Lybra rollers mini! (also rigged for Erika)

Do you have a favourite item? Has anything caught your eye?

Don't forget to follow my page, flickr and join me over on facebook, instagram and twitter. Let me know what you think of these items down in the comments! ♥♥
Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props, Backdrop & Poses –

Pose – Created by me using Anypose and black dragon poser

Backdrop – K&S – Neon street backdrop

Jar of pickles – Chris Two Designs – Pickle me up – jar

Pickle – Lock & Tuft – Pickle (bitten)

Hot sauce – Junk Food – Sauce pillows

– Setting The Scene –

Pickles – Backbone – Tickle my pickle – Group gift July 2022 (Group fee 1500L)

Hot Sauce – Junk Food – Sauce floor pillow

Bunny bear – Teabunny – Creepibun pal – slime (old gacha item – you may be able to find this as a resale on marketplace)

Cacti – Lagom – Happy little cacti

Dino – Hextraordinary – Chonkzilla – acid wanderer

Owl and Bunny – Jian Pets – Cuddle creepers (radioactive version)

Sparkles – Dysfunctionality – Ethereal sparkles

– Outfit –

Overall – Candy Kitten (Currently at Black Fair July 10th – July 24th) – Fire overalls

Sweater – Candy Kitten (Currently at Black Fair July 10th – July 24th) – Fire sweater

Roller Skates – Lybra – Rollers mini

-Body & Accessories-

Hat – Ananas (Currently at kustom9 July 15th – August 10th) – Birdy head

Rings – Rawr (Part of Saturday Sale – 16th July) – Happiness rings

Piercings – LittleFish (Part of the Saturday Sale – 16th July) – Desire

Camera – Sweet Thing – Instapic camera

Hair – Foxy – Chibi

Nails  Rawr (Part of 60L Happy Weekend – 16th July – 17th July) – Happiness nails

Skin for head – Deetalez – Misaki (Tone – Eastern) {BOM}

Skin for body – Deetalez – Skin for legacy (Tone – Eastern) {BOM}

Freckles on body – Deetalez – Body addon – Freckles {BOM}

Cheekbones – Deetalez – Addons pack for Misaki {BOM}

Freckles – Deetalez – Addons pack for Salma {BOM}

Veins, Cellulite and Stretchmarks – Izzie’s – Body Imperfections {BOM}

Lashes – Shiny Stuffs – All dolled up lashes

Eyes – Euphoric – Alice eyes

Head – Lelutka – Ora head

Drool – Ross – Bento drool

Shine – Bold & Beauty – Base oil

Body – Legacy – Legacy female

– Mods & Deformers –

Pretty Liars – Essential deformers legacy

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