-270- Delicatessen

“He disappeared one night, after a show. We only found his remains”

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

One thing I love about ananas is how I'm pushed with creativity and trying to make things a little different, or bizarre. I wanted to go for a funny, but gross sort of image. The idea of lots of snails always reminds me of the movie Delicatessen where one of the tenants basically lives in a damp home for frogs and snails... for him to eat - alive. If you've not seen the movie - I shan't ruin it. but yeah - that scene always stuck in my mind!

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses –

Pose – part of the tail ao and the snail shell animations and then edited using black dragon

Snails – Schadenfreude – Snail Facial

– Setting the Scene –

Willow Tree and Grass – Little Branch – Weeping Willow

Stepping Stones – Studio Skye – Skye Stone Path

– Outfit –

Jacket and Top – AsteroidBox – Sienna Jacket

-Body & Accessories-

Snail Shell and Hat – Ananas  Currently at The Liaison Collaborative August 18th – September 10th) – so Slow

Tail – Jinx (Currently at Enchantment August 14th – September 4th) – Lamia Tail

Hair – Magika – Cassiopeia

Skin, and Brows – Nuve (Currently at The Liaison Collaborative August 18th – September 10th) – Lian Skin (BoM – Sunkissed), Lian Eyebrows and V2 Legacy Body

Dimples – Nuve – Dimples

Head – Catwa – HDPRO Majer Edged

Body – Legacy – Legacy

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