-259- Dirty, rotten, filthy, stinkin’

“Swingin’ in the living room, swingin’ in the kitchen
Most folks don’t ’cause they’re too busy bitchin’
Swingin’ in there ’cause she wanted me to feed her
So I mixed up the batter and she licked the beater”
Warrant, Cherry Pie

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

I seem to have managed you get the song cherry pie in my head while doing this image today!! I love this gum by reign. Such fun!!! Also how can you not love the cheeky playful clothing by vinyl? 

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses –

Backdrop – Backbone – Plant Wall Panel

Pose – Lyrium – Ai Static Pose 1 (m) with gum and slight adjustment with black dragon poser

Shopping Bag – Reign – Grocery Bag

Gum – Reign – BubblyYum Gum – Stretchy Gum – Tropical

– Outfit –

Top – Vinyl (Currently at Uber July 25th – August 22nd) – Sweet Chery Sweater

Bikini Bottoms – Vinyl (Currently at Uber July 25th – August 22nd) – Warrant Bikini Panties

-Body & Accessories-

Necklace – Short Leash (Currently at Men Only Monthly July 20th – August 15th) – Subjugation Collar

Bracelet – Seka – Summer Flash Bracelet

Rings – Rawr – Kirsty Rings

Earrings – Rawr – Kirsty CatwaHD Pro Earrings

Hair – Yomi (Currently at The Warehouse Sale July 23rd – August 22nd) – Sabi hair

Nails – Tulssy (Currently at The Liaison Collaborative July 18th – August 10th) – Climber Pointed

Eye Shadow and Lip Gloss – Idtty – Secret Lover Heart

Eyes – Pumec – Mathur Eyes

Lookbook Basics

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