-231- Love me, my cats & my plants

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.”
Albert Schweitzer

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Dear Reader,

The temptation to go all pink and girly for this room was strong, so  I decided to step a little out of my comfort zone. I've been a real plant Mom the past couple of months, and all these houseplants is definitely something to aim for. So I thought I'd bring some of the outside in!

The Eve bed by Xplicit Furnishings is so detailed, and the preciseness of the animations has me in aw (as always). You have access to the textures via the menu and you can change the colours to your taste!

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

– Setting the Scene –

Bed and Side Tables – Xplicit Furnishings – Eve Bed (ff)

Counter, Floral Painting, Books, Candle – unKindness – Vibrant Spring Set

Chair – What Next – Bailey Lounge Chair

Vinyl Shelf, Record Player, Vinyls – What Next – Bailey Vinyl Set

Wicker Table, Tea Set, Room Divider, Wicker Light, Wicker Mirror, Leaf single prints – InsurreKtion (Exlcusively at The Liaison Collaborative April 18th – May 10th) – Wicker World

Candle Trays – Dreamland Designs (Exclusively at 4 Seasons April 8th – April 22nd) – Bohemian Candle & Vases Tray

Candle and blankets – Dreamland Designs (Exclusively at 4 Seasons April 8th – April 22nd) – Boho Trays and Blanket Decor

Chair with blankets – Dreamland Designs (Exclusively at 4 Seasons April 8th – April 22nd) – Stacked Blankets Chair

Shelf and pictures – What Next – Bailey Picture Shelf

Easel – Peaches – Part of the Creative Courage clutter set

Artwork on easel – Cwtch (gift for the Fabulously Free in SL group members – Available in the main store) – Queen Bee

Round rugs – Pitaya – Round Rug Fatpack

House plants in pots – What Next – House Plants – Set of 6

Succulents and plant with trail – Simply Shelby – Part of the La Hoya Planter Set

Sloth hanger – Pitaya – Lazy Hanging Planter

Ivy – Simply Shelby – Part of the Summer Wrought Iron Patio Set

Vase with dried twigs – Nutmeg – Staying Warm Vase Bonus Item

Incense sticks – Nutmeg – Nutmeg. Charming Zen Incense 20 (gacha)

Notebook on chair – Peaches – Bae’s Journal

Notebook on floor – Tentacio – Flower Planning

Shirt on bed and socks – Black Nest – Messy Clothes

Hoodie and Pants – Nutmeg – Staying Warm Hung Sweatshirt and Pants

Bra – Half Deer – Lingerie Clutter

Cat drinking water – Mutresse – Trying Shortie Cats (Gacha)

Cat in Shirt – Mutresse – Sleeping Shortie Cats (Gacha)

Climbing Cat – Mutresse – Hanging Shortie Cats (Gacha)

Cats in box – Mutresse – Annoyed Shortie Cats

Cat on chair – Mutresse – Exhausted Shortie Cats

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