-177- Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

Where all your dreams become a reality

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Dear Reader,

Well this was lots of fun setting up. The hog cart was brilliant to roll around in and be tied up at. You just attach it and boom you're bound up and ready to use like a Christmas turkey!!! There are plenty of other kinky items in the scene too. Of course you have my fabulous Short Leash items, and then another new sponsor DictatorShop. 

The materials in this backdrop is amazing. I am legit obsessed with the shine! If you're looking to kink up your home these are definitely ones for your inventory. Remember folks - It's only kinky the first time!

Don't forget to follow my page, flickr and join me over on facebook and instagram. Let me know what you think of these items down in the comments! ♥♥
Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses-

Pose – Nantra (Exclusively at The Liaison Collaborative January 18th – February 10th) – Carrie (Pose 1m)

– Setting the Scene –

Image taken here

Backdrop – The Bearded Guy (Exclusively at Man Cave January 17th – February 11th) – Higher Docs – Cataclyms

Fish/water – Fluffy Stuff – The Lounge

Pipes – Nomad – Steaming Pipes

Vent – Nomad – Steaming Vent

Cage – Short Leash – Confinement Cage

Chamber – Short Leash (Exclusively at Mainframe January 20th – February 13th) – Cybernetic Stasis Pod

Pole – Dictatorshop (Exclusively at Man Cave January 17th – February 11th) – Valentine Dance Pole

Hog Tie Cart – Li Li’s Monsta Designs – Hogtie Cart

Wall Mount – Artisan Fantasy – Capturado Padded Wall

Desk and Chair – Short Leash (Exclusively at Kinky December 28th – January 22nd) – Devotion Desk

Sofa – 22769 (Exclusively at The Liaison Collaborative January 18th – February 10th) – Puffy Fabric Sofa

Coffee Table – Aspect (Exclusively at The Liaison Collaborative January 18th – February 10th) – Rustic Glass Coffee Table

Rack – Short Leash – Sadistic Pleasures Toy Rack

Utility Shelf – Artisan Fantasy – Capturado Utility Shelf

Candles – Short Leash (Exclusively at Midnight Order January 20th – February 20th) – The Candelabrum

Ladie’s Tray – Short Leash – Lady’s Essentials Tray

Wax Tray – Short Leash – BDSM Basics // Wax Play

Cuffs – Asteroidbox – Erotes Cuffs

Handcuffs – Short Leash – Locked Tight Handcuffs

Stash of Porn – The Prop Shop – Porn Stash Box “DVD”

Box of Toys – Pilot – Adult Toy Box

Typewriter – Bazar – Stockholm Typewriter

Cigarettes- Apple Fall – ‘Lucky Numbers’ Cigarettes & Tray

Decanter – Apple Fall – Whisky Decanter

Paddle – Short Leash – Sadistic Pleasures Paddle – Plain

Buttplugs – Short Leash – Sugar’s Plug

Condoms – Dutchie – Dutchie condoms

Petals – Foxcity – Prop – Floor Petals

– Outfit –

Dress – 1313 Mockingbird Lane (Exclusively at Itty Bitty Titty Committee January 9th – January 23rd) – Annabelle Dress – pinstripe

Cinch – cinphul – argos

Boots – cinphul – raptor ii

-Body & Accessories-

Gloves – cinphul – raptor

Cloak, mask and headress – cinphul (Exclusively at Mainframe January 20th – February 13th) – Debris

Tattoo – Dawn – Venom

Shine Tattoo – Blaxium – Serpent Bodyshine

Gems – Fakeicon – mary gems collar

Body – Maitreya – Lara

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