-152- Try to convince me that I’m not drowning

“Worry about everyone but me and I just keep losing myself”
Civil Wars, Falling

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

Dear Reader,

How cold? Ice Cold!!

These ice skates come with the cutest patootiest animations ever, I've had a giggle as I watched my Cen-Lightaur wiggle around. 

Lately I've been feeling out of my depth with things, or if I'm missing something or forgetting something. Literally feel like this Queen is being thrown of her throne (see what I did there?) Almost having an existential crisis! (How embarrassing) I know it'll pass. Just having a moment or 2! I've noticed I'm caring more about other people's opinions and I've no idea why! I've gone back to taking an offline day once a week and it really did help having yesterday off to just read, meditate and have a wellness time to look after me. 

Anyway, how are you all holding up in this bizarre year of 2020?

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Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses-

Pose – Jinx – Leap of Faith

Backdrop – The Bearded Guy (Exclusively at The Liaison Collaborative December 3rd – December 26th) – Cold Day – Hope Nights

Centaur Guards – Jinx (Exclusively at We ❤ Roleplay December 4th – December 30th) – Animesh Centaur Gacha (Guard Right and Guard Left)

– Outfit –

Gems – Static (Exclusively at Aenigma November 19th – December 17th) – Frostbitten

Ice Skates – Jinx (25% off at the Shop n Hop December 11th – January 3rd) – Ice Skates for the Cen-Lightaur

-Body & Accessories-

Hair – D!va – Aya2

Hair piece – Naminoke (Exclusively at Aenigma November 19th – December 17th)  – Skeleton Leaves

Winter ice Body applier – The Rotting Lab (Exclusively at Aenigma November 19th – December 17th) – Skathi’s Kiss

Petal and blood – Goodies I Need – Roribus

Black eye make up – BUG – Ritual Makeup

Centaur Body – Jinx – Tattoo Layer for Cen-Lightaur

Centaur Tattoo – Jinx – Cen-Lightaur

Nails – e.marie – Winter Wonderland

Lashes – Immortuos – Monarch Lashes

Ears – Cerberus Xing –  Bezerker Ear

Eyes – Euphoric – Melancholic Eyes

Skin – Deetalez – Chubby European BoM – for Legacy, and Angel skin for head

Head – Catwa – Catwa HDPRO MajerEdged

Body – Legacy – Legacy

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