-136- The Neon Demon

“People shouldn’t call for demons unless they really mean what they say.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

♥Full HQ Image Here♥
{Sneakpeak the raw image}

Dear Reader,
I have been slacking with blogging yesterday. I was caught out with worky things. Including beta testing. - Which is always fun and exciting.
I always have fun with madpea. Have you all checked out some of the games, or even the sim at madcity? If not you should! The Escape Rooms are a favourite of mine.
Spellbound will be finishing at the end of the year, so I gotta get a wiggle on. Always looking for fellow wizards to join meeee!!! So hit me up in world if you fancy waving your wand and shouting a few spells (that is not a euphemism!)

Anyway, back to the bloggo

Lots of neon and fun stuff. This belt is -the- best!!! It has an RLV option too meaning you can be pulled along. It really is suitable for a stubborn brat like me!!! While you're at The Warehouse Sale grab this gaw-jus hair from yomi. Honestly, this store knocks it out the park -every-gosh-darn-time!!! Great quality and so reasonably priced. You've no excuse not to own all of their products.... - Seriously! (none at all)

The horns from rawr are super cute and discounted until the end of the weekend so you should grab them while you can, and make sure to check out clover's super duper lizard eyes and tongue... yes the tongue is bento so slithers in and out. Perfect for your inner demon!!!

Don't forget to follow my page, flickr and join me over on facebook and instagram. Let me know what you think of these items down in the comments! ♥♥
Your loyal blogger
-  Rae

-Props & Poses-

Pose – Foxcity – Curves

Backdrop – The Bearded Guy – Pink Lines – I’m Losing It

– Outfit –

Bra, Pasties, and Thong – Normandy – Tiny Tank Top, Band Aid Pasties, High Waisted Thongs

Belt –  Seka (Exclusively at The Warehouse November 23rd – December 17th) – Lost N’ Found Brat

-Body & Accessories-

Hair – Yomi (Exclusively at The Warehouse November 23rd – December 17th) – Iris Hair

Eyes and Tongue – Clover  (Exclusively at Harajuku November 20th – December 10th) – Lizard set

Horns – Rawr (Part of Happy Weekend 21st and 22nd November) – Diamond Hornies 

Nose Piercings – PKC – Mary Nose Set

Ears – Cerberus Xing – Withered Bezerker Ear

Tattoo – Dawn – Demon Tattoo

Skin – Deetalez – Chubby European BoM – for Legacy, and Angel skin for head

Head – Catwa – Catwa HDPRO MajerEdged

Body – Legacy – Legacy

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