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-44- Gummy Bear Bishes!

“I don’t think — ” “Then you shouldn’t talk.”
– Lewis Carroll

♥Full Image Here♥

-Props & Poses-

Pose included with backdrop (Slightly modified with AnyPose)

Lighting – LUMIPro

Backdrop – Astralia – Wonderland (I’m too big!) Gacha

Facial Expression included in the Lelutka head hud

– Outfit –

Dress – After Midnight Fashion (Currently at Down the Rabbit Hole 11th July – 21st July) – Carroll Dress

Shoes – 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Looking Glass Slippers

-Body & Accessories-

Horns – Seka – un-BEAR-ably Cute Horns

Mouthie – Seka – un-BEAR-ably Cute Mouthie

Rings – Yummy – Comfy Cozy Ring Set

Hair – Lock&Tuft – Gwen

Nails – Ascendant – Magic unicorn 10

Brows – Immortuos – Primula

Eye make-up – Immortuos (Currently at The Epiphany 15th July – 15th August 2020) – Natalem Shadows Rare (Gacha)

Lipstick – Immortuos (Currently at The Epiphany 15th July – 15th August 2020) – Natalem Neon Gloss VIP (Gacha)

Eyes – Euphoric – Bionic Eyes

Lookbook Basics

It’s been one of those weeks where nothing seems to be going right, and I’m just not in the right mood. However, photography and blogging alllllyways help!! This is another Down the rabbit hole item, which meant I could dig out my Alice and Wonderland things, ANNNNNNNND rock the mockingbird heels…. I mean – HOW COOL ARE THEY?

The make up from Immortuos is amazing! The colours are spot on for a classy fun look..AND they’re lelutka evo only so good make up for your new evo head! (i know you’ve got one)

What’s your favourite find at The Epiphany?

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