-10- High tech. Low life.

“The future is already here. It’s just not Evenly Distributed Yet.” – William Gibson

♥Full Image Here♥

-Props & Poses-

Pose made using AnyPose

Lighting – LUMIPro

Facial Expressions – Lelutka – Lelutka Axis

Backdrop – Foxcity – Limitless

Neon plants and Texture – Nomad – Neon Plant and Retrowave Mountain

Bat – Normandy – Killer Bat

Camera – Normandy (Currently at Cyber/punk Fair) – The Reporter Drone


Bodysuit – Normandy (Currently at Cyber/punk Fair) – Carbon Bodysuit

-Body & Accessories-

Hair – Sintiklia – Yuki

Legs, Arms and arm band – R2 – K/E/N Hagane

Antenna – Zombie Suicide – Alien Antenna

Eyes – Normandy (Currently at Cyber/punk Fair) – Volt Eyes

Lookbook Basics

My Thoughts

I haven’t actually written anything on my blog and my thoughts on the items I’ve been blogging, so thought i’d give it a go.

I’ve had so much fun editing this Normandy outfit and taking photos for it. The detail on the back of the suit gives it a cyber feel, and the opportunity to change up the colours, glow gives you a chance to customise it and make it your own unique style.

The volt eyes are also modifiable, meaning you can change the rings to whatever mood you’re feeling.

Like most Normandy items you can customise, change, adapt and have fun with their items creating your own unique style and look.

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